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Jazz Piano 101 videos on youtube

100-110 learning the "changes" (chords)
121-130 Open Voicings
141-150 Rootless Voicings

101 Chords Take The A Train pdf
102 Autumn Leaves
103 Blue Bossa
104 Green Dolphin St.
105 Bewitched (diminished chords)
106 Dolphin Dance

open voicings pdf
121 All The Things You Are
122 Autumn Leaves (open voicings)

Box 1 Box 2
141 Rootless voicings (Take the A Train) pdf
142 Autumn Leaves - rootless voicings (chords) chart
143 Blue Bossa - chart
147 Doxy


Jazz Harmony

Triads and 4 note chords
Closed voicings
Open Voicings - Formulas
Open Voicings - Student examples
Open Voicings - Tensions
Functional Harmony
Chord-Scale Theory
Rootless Voicings
Upper Structure Triads

Blues Piano

Jazz Instructional Videos
Doug McKenzie
Earl MacDonald

Updated July 1, 2015
Science of Music Dot Mixer

Jazz News
I Was Doing All Right - Atlanta, Ga jazz

Today in Jazz History

Wynton Marsalis


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