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Other good piano blues videos
Boogie Woogie Piano Shuffle - Luca Sestak, young guy doing solo boogie woogie piano
Swanee River Boogie Piano - Luca
Dr. John playing 'Swanee River Boogie The best all around blues player - especially the New Orleans style
Francine Reed and Jez Graham Atlanta GA My friends here in Atlanta - nationally recognized blues artists
Johan Blohm from The Refreshments (Sweden) The blues is appriciated everywhere!
Lou Rawls and Les McCann - Stormy Monday Love Lou's great blues vocals. Les on piano
Gene Harris Hold on tight - this guy swings his "you-know-what" off!
You Don't Love Me Early Allman Bros. Blues based on a "riff"

Keyboard players must listen to guitarists also.
Eric Clapton This blues changes key several times. Eric is an undisputed master of the blues. Many great English players have their roots in American blues music.
Albert Lee Another English player who can outplay anybody
B.B. King considers himself a blues vocalist first but of course he's a great guitarist too. Love those blues with funny lyrics - there's plenty of hilarious blues tunes ...